Olen mukana uusimmassa UNI-antologian julkaisussa! Lehden teemana Phantasmagoria, itse osallistun sarjakuvalla INSOMNIA

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UNI – Phantasmagoria is the third installment in the UNI series.

It will be published in spring 2015!

The fresh new copies will be sold at Popcult Helsinki on 25th-26th of April.


UNI – Phantasmagoria will feature illustrations and comics by 12 talented young finnish (and one half canadian) artists!

92 pages of amazing art taking a look into the human mind on the edge of asleep and awake. The theme of the new UNI book is psychosis and hallucinations. 

Phantasmagoria takes a closer look insidethe psyche of the human mind when reality and dreams fuse into one. We gave our artists free hands to interpretate the theme of psychosis and hallucinations in their own way.




kansiinsomnia2 copy




INSOSKETCH2 copyINSOSKETCH copy 2http://uni-anthology.tumblr.com/